We are truly passionate about working with such great people like our clients. We enjoy watching them work, teach people, grow and develop. We believe that the true superheroes are those who accomplish their goals no matter what it takes. Every superhero has superpowers, but they also have partners who help them with their daily routine. Batman has Alfred, Ironman has Pepper Potts and our heroes need their own butler as well. What’s really great about being a superhero’s helper is the chance to play a role in their great deeds, right? Let them fight supervillains without being bothered by boring, tedious tasks like sorting mail or getting groceries. You get the idea.  

Workshop Butler’s purpose is quite similar to that: we have an all-in-one management system to help managers and trainers from training companies get rid of their daily routine and do what they’re best at: enlightening people. It is so much easier to do when registrations to classes are accepted automatically, emails and reminders are sent by the system and feedback can be transformed into a testimonial with one click and so on. What makes us so confident? Our clients, of course. Every one of them saves hours of working time every day, which results in up to 125 days saved per year and all that thanks to WSB.  If Batman had 125 more days a year  to fight evil, wouldn’t it be great? Well, maybe not for Joker.

Anyway, we had some fun making this video and we hope you like it!

Let’s all have some popcorn and watch it right now together!

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