So you’ve done a wonderful job promoting your training and it is time for your students to register. But before that you might want to set up registration forms and include all the fields you want your attendees to fill in. WSB can help with that.

What’s new?

From now on set up of registration forms is easy as a pie:

  • You can select from a list of the necessary fields, making them “required” or “optional”
  • You can drag sections and fields in each section and place them in the willing order
  • You can add the “promo code” field to a ticket section or just turn it off
  • You can request additional information by enabling the relevant section

What else?

We strive to provide our partners with a great user experience so we focus on UX. It is essential for WSB to make every part of a system convenient and beautiful. By the way, Our product roadmap is open to everyone, so feel free to check it out and vote for the feature you like.