2023 was the year of enhancements. Instead of implementing new features, the Workshop Butler team focused on optimizing and extending the functionality we already have to make it more useful for our customers.

Check out our wrap-up of this year, maybe you missed an addition that will be perfect for your training business.

For licensed trainers:

Integration with Google Analytics 4 is available

Since Google sunset Universal Analytics, we added support for its next generation — Google Analytics 4. Trainers can integrate it as easily as the previous version and track statistics about their events using the latest technology.

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For training companies:

Email templates are customizable

This was a long-standing request, which finally took shape this year. Training companies can change the text and schedule of three default emails (event reminder, follow-up, post-event email), as well as create new notifications. It’s a major improvement we are still working on to deliver the most value to our customers.

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A calendar invitation is attached to a welcome email, so that an attendee can add it to their calendar app. Initially, it contained an event’s title, dates and time. But the location where a session takes place or a link to an online meeting are no less important pieces of information, and an invitation now includes them too.

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Two old-new entities: fully-managed and partially-managed trainers

Why old-new? Because they existed in Workshop Butler under different names: employees and external trainers. We found this wording confusing and decided to make it better reflecting the specifics of each entity. Thus, employees became fully-managed trainers and external trainers — partially-managed ones.

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For certification brands:

Future events of trainers whose licenses expired are canceled automatically

The bigger the scale of your operations, the more automation can do for you. If you have many trainers, keeping an eye on their events becomes troublesome. What if a trainer’s license expires, but the events haven’t been canceled yet, and some people signed up for them? To prevent confusion, you can enable the automatic cancellation of future events for such trainers. Don’t worry, events won’t disappear and can be reactivated anytime after a license is renewed.

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The events filter is improved

The list of all events associated with a brand is usually quite extensive. To help you find the necessary information quickly, we added more search parameters to the Events tab:

  • Event type
  • Trainer’s name
  • Upcoming/past events
  • Public/private events

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Export is extended

Not only the necessary information can be found quicker, but extracted more precisely too. Depending on what type of data you need, you can click the Export button in one of the three tabs: Attendees, Events, or Invoices.

Read more about each feature here: attendees, invoices, events.