Back in March, we announced our plans to make Workshop Butler more open for integrations. We believe it will  lead to more automated workflows and a considerably smaller amount of  hours spent on managing workshops and trainers.

And integration with Zapier was at the top of the list. Though  trainers could send attendees, workshops and evaluations via Zapier to  thousands of services for more than two years, training companies and  certification bodies lacked this option.

Now we’re happy to announce it’s open for everyone. We reviewed the patterns of usage and introduced a couple of new zaps:

  • New trainer zap is fired when managers add a new  trainer to their company, or coordinators add a licensed trainer. It’s  also fired when a trainer renews a license after it expired.
  • New completed workshop zap is fired when a workshop is over, and it is confirmed. It’s convenient to request additional information from the trainers.

Other zaps like New workshop or New attendee are available as well.

We plan to add these zaps in the nearest future:

  • New evaluation (it was removed as almost nobody used it)
  • New invoice (per workshop for certification bodies, per attendee for training companies and trainers on paid accounts)

For now, we keep our app in Zapier in an invite-only mode. Please, use this article on how to connect it to your account.