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  • The table header for table layout of Schedule was removed via styles. If you need it back, update wsb-table__head class
  • Columns in table layout got its own classes - wsb-table__col-schedule, wsb-table__col-location and etc. Test the integration to see if everything works correctly.


The changes to the widgets' layout and configuration are too large. Considering a small user base using the previous versions, we decided not to compile the updates notes for this release


Just bump up the version number:

<script src="https://cdn.workshopbutler.com/widgets.0.7.1.js"></script>



  • Switch the script version to 0.7.0:
<script src="https://cdn.workshopbutler.com/widgets.0.7.0.js"></script>


If you use default themes and templates, no updates needed.

If you use custom templates, this release brings breaking changes:

  • Attributes start, end, hoursPerDay, totalHours of Event class were moved to Event.schedule attribute. So Event.start became Event.schedule.start
  • Both start and end attributes are not longer Date objects, but DateTime objects from Luxon library
  • Attributes city and online of Event class were moved to Event.location attribute. So Event.city became Event.location.city
  • Attribute Event.country class is replaced by Event.location.countryCode
  • Attributes Event.location.countryCode and Event.location.city are null if Event.location.online = true
  • Function formatDate was removed. Use Schedule.format method instead.
  • New Schedule class comes with format method to format dates, times and timezones based on a user locale. It returns different results based on the value of its only parameter:
    • start_short - Start date
    • start_long - Start date and time
    • end_short - End date
    • end_long - End date and time
    • full_short - Start and end date
    • full_long - Start and end date/time
    • timezone_short - Timezone abbreviation, e.g. CET
    • timezone_long - Timezone name, e.g. Central European Time

For more information, check Event, Schedule, and Location classes.