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Our plugin for WordPress contains several page templates and a number of shortcodes to make an integration easy. On top of that, if the shortcodes are not enough, you can completely redesign each page by making copy of templates and modifying it.

Getting Started

  1. Follow these instructions to install the plugin
  2. Generate an API key
  3. Configure the plugin
  4. Now you are ready to customise it further. You have three options:
    1. Change the style
    2. Change the layout using shortcodes
    3. Change the layout using Twig

Side Effects

During the activation, the plugin adds four pages:

  • Schedule (/schedule) contains the event schedule
  • Event (/schedule/event) hosts the detailed information of each event
  • Trainer List (/trainers, containing the list of all trainers
  • Trainer (/trainers/profile) for the trainer profiles

If you want to change these pages, read Change Default Pages for the WordPress Plugin.

No other additional entities or objects are created.

How It Works

The plugin makes a request to Workshop Butler API each time a visitor opens a page. As soon as you add a new workshop or trainer to your account, they appear on your website. There is no need for additional synchronisation.

This comes at the expense of non-user-friendly URLs to specific events and trainer profiles. For example, or

name and title parameters are not required and here only for improving search results.

Report a bug / Request a feature / Have a question

Here is our public repository on Github. Open an issue there.