Students hardly contemplate how the information they submit during registration is organized and stored later. They just fill in details as they see fit.

But for trainers, this can lead to confusion sometimes. If a student used different email addresses or different name forms to register to your events, matching attendance records and seeing the full picture for this attendee can be difficult.

For example, Workshop Butler keeps participation history in a contact profile and uses email addresses to determine the contact profile an attendance record should be assigned to. As a result, an attendee who used two different addresses for two different events, will have two contact profiles and two participation histories.

There were workarounds for this problem, sure. But they weren’t simple enough and didn't meet our motto to make trainers’ lives as easy as possible when it comes to event management. Hence — the new feature.

Now contact profiles can be merged allowing trainers (as well as training companies and certification brands) to keep all emails submitted by an attendee and to see full participation history on one page.

Just like any other operation in WSB, the merging process takes no more than several seconds or a couple of clicks.

Merging contact profiles