Support for PDU is a useful feature that can add more value to your licensed events. And in November, this feature was added to certification brand accounts in Workshop Butler.

What's PDU

PDU (Professional Development Unit) is a one-hour unit for measuring the time a person spent on their education in a certain field.

Any relevant course, seminar, or workshop related to this field can be converted into PDUs, or the number of hours a session lasts.

How to use PDU in Workshop Butler

To show an event duration. Licensed trainers can include the total number of hours in the event description. It will give attendees a clear understanding of how long the event itself actually takes. This feature can be especially useful for multi-session events.

Add to certificates. A total number of hours can be added to certificates to make them more informative. There are some kinds of certification (e.g. Project Management Institute or Scrum Alliance) that require students to invest a certain amount of time in studying and mastering new skills. If certificates from your events contain this information your students can use them as proof for receiving certification.

How to activate PDU support

Enabling this option is extremely easy, like everything else in WSB. Just click Activate next to Support for PDU in Settings. And your licensed trainers will see two additional fields when creating an event: Hours per day and Total Hours.

Read more about PDU support and how to add it to certificates.