WSB website integrations are designed for quick and easy use that requires minimal technical knowledge. We have made this process more transparent with completely overhauled technical documentation.

Meet new WSB for developers — updated, restructured, and enriched.

Developer documentation

The main source of information about API, JS widgets, and the WordPress plugin is here.


Find general information about API keys for our integrations:

  • Instruction for API key generation
  • Attributes description.

JS Widgets

Set up widgets for your website using step-by-step guides, see how each widget can look, and customize them for your own preferences. The documentation for JS widgets includes the following:

  • Guide for the Website Integration Kit — a user-friendly tool that makes widget configuration a breeze even for complete beginners
  • Quick Start guide for those who have some experience with programming and want to add widgets by themselves
  • List of available widgets with screenshots and recommendations for configuration
  • Tips for template and theme customization.


Install the WSB plugin for your WordPress website following our instructions:

  • Plugin overview: how to install, what happens during installation, and how it will work
  • List of all shortcodes with attributes
  • Styling recommendations for customizing default themes and creating your own theme.

Please read the developer documentation here.

API reference

Learn everything about resources and methods used in our API with this detailed overview. Objects and methods are matched with actions in the WSB system giving you a clear understanding of what information you need for integrations.

Please read the API reference here.


Keep up with the latest changes and improvements we bring to JS widgets and the WordPress plugin — see our changelogs on GitHub:

If there are still unclear points about WSB integrations, please get in touch with us. Our team is always on standby to help you.