In recent weeks, we released three (2.9.0, 2.10.0, 2.11.0) minor updates to our WordPress plugin. There was no general direction for them, just a collection of various fixes and additions, requested by you. Thought you can always read the changelog, it's essential to give you a detailed description of the latest changes. This way, you can make a better decision on how to improve your websites.

Support for optional start/end dates in tickets

We made start and end dates for tickets optional last month. During the time of the release, the WordPress plugin didn't work them naturally, only in a backwards-compatability mode. Obviously, we cannot leave it in this state. Optional dates in tickets are fully supported now.

Deactivation and uninstallation

From time to time, you may need to deactivate the plugin temporarily. Due to some incorrect logic, some settings disappeared (namely API key), and the plugin didn't work correctly after reactivation. Also, the plugin didn't clean up thoroughly after itself when the user uninstalled it.

We made appropriate changes to keep the settings when they should be kept and remove them when they should be removed.

Better localisations

We support seven languages out of the box. Due to the peculiarity of the WordPress localisation system, these languages didn't work in some cases. For example, though we had support for the German language, users with the German locale other than a standard one, couldn't enjoy it.

After some technical changes, this inconvenience is also resolved.

New shortcodes

We added two new shortcodes - wsb_schedule_date and wsb_schedule_time. We recommend using them instead of the existing wsb_schedule_schedule if you want to show the start time of your workshops.

wsb_schedule_schedule renders time only for one-date online courses. wsb_schedule_time always shows the start time (and the end time for one-day classes). It's especially relevant these days when most courses are online.

Enhanced error reporting

From time to time, errors happen. Due to the distributed nature of the plugins, we have limited capabilities to understand what went wrong. We added an option for enhanced error reporting that you can always turn off.

When an error happens, the plugin sends detailed information about it to our logging servers. Thanks to it, we have more data to investigate issues and improve the experience of your visitors.

Tons of small fixes

We improved and fixed many tiny issues like the length of the dash here and the output of dates there. If you want to learn more about them, read the changelog.