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  • Rendering of custom fields was fixed. Before labels for custom fields were not shown


This release radically improves the usability of all themes for mobile devices and adds support for Trainers' column in the Schedule.


  • New column for a Schedule in a Table view - trainers


  • All themes support mobile screens. Now your workshops are more accessible than ever
  • The URLs for trainer's profile have a form id=[id]&name=[trainer name]

Changed / Removed

  • Columns in a Table view got new classes to support more flexible table configurations


  • Adds support for WordPress 5.0
  • Adds new shortcode [wsb_trainer_name]
  • Improves the behaviour for external event pages – the links open in new tabs.


  • Support for several languages out of the box
  • Several new widgets: registration page, configurable sidebar widget, list of endorsements
  • Various options to configure the look of each widget
  • Support for several event schedules


Initial release of the plugin

  • Support for custom styles and themes
  • Support for editable page templates
  • Works with five default themes
  • Basic configuration options