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  • Fixes a bug with incorrect Hebrew language
  • Adds new wsb_schedule_language shortcode which renders the column of workshop's languages in the schedule
  • Adds support for customizable query parameters for the schedule wsb_schedule
  • Reports a bit more data (request ID, user agent) on errors
  • Adds support for featured events in schedules wsb_schedule and on-page event lists
  • Fixes the output of ordered/unordered lists in event description and trainer profile
  • Adds a new element - Next event block. For now, it includes only button which contains the link to the next event (either any event or from specified category/event types)


  • Improves the output of event dates
  • Adds only_featured parameter to wsb_schedule to show only featured workshops
  • Fixes an issue with incorrect workshop dates in some border cases
  • Adds two new shortcodes for wsb_schedule: wsb_schedule_date and wsb_schedule_time
  • Improves the output for timezone abbreviations which have no abbreviations (adds GMT before them)
  • Adds failed request logging with the ability to switch it off


  • Fixes an issue with non-working registration form for free events
  • On the trainer's profile, the newest past events are shown, not the oldest ones
  • Improves support for multiple locales


  • Adds truncate parameter to wsb_schedule_title (only for 'tile' view). By default, 60. Set to 0 or false to remove completely. ... is added when truncate is on.
  • Adds target parameter to wsb_event_registration_button. By default, set to _self. Possible values are the same as for target attribute for HTML link <a>.
  • Adds support for optional start/end dates in ticket prices
  • Fixes deactivation behaviour for the plugin (do not remove settings anymore)
  • Adds complete settings removal when the plugin is uninstalled
  • Sends a bit more statistics on each API request


Fixes a random bug when workshop ID wasn't retrieved from a query string (probably erased by WordPress)


Improves handling of secure requests for reverse-proxy website


Fixes a bug in Safari preventing card payments


Fixes an incorrect Stripe key


Adds support for card payments (card payments must be activated in Workshop Butler)


  • Fixes the output of future/past events on a trainers's page: remove private workshops from the list
  • Improves the handling of server errors during the registration process


  • Fixes the output for future/past events on a trainer's page


  • Fixes a bug preventing sending a correct ticket type on multiple tickets
  • Fixes a problem with promo code box not showing when the link is clicked
  • Improves the look of registration form
  • Fixes a bug when an external registration link did not work


Partially fixes an issue when an event page template is not updated


Fixes an issue with incomplete list of trainers and events


Fixes an issue prevented to update some classes in page templates


  • Cleaner, easier-to-user registration form
  • Multiple smaller UI fixes
  • Adds two new configuration options for event page: a number of events in the sidebar and what events to show in the sidebar


  • Two new shortcodes added to show cover image of events: [wsb_schedule_image] and [wsb_event_image]


  • Added Event Type option to the widget. You can show events only from the selected event type
  • Added event_type parameter to [wsb_schedule] shortcode. You can show events only from the selected event type
  • If there is only one ticket type, it's selected automatically on the registration form
  • When a user filters workshops in the schedule, this information is saved in URL so you can share links to a filtered schedule
  • Improved Upcoming events widget on the event page: it shows events of an active trainer and do not show an active event


  • Fixes a bug with the registration form


  • Improves support for Google Analytics actions
  • Fixes a filter configuration on the list of trainers


  • Fixes a price output for some locales


  • Adds support for Norwegian language
  • Fixes the rendering of italic, bold, <sub> and <sup> text
  • G+ is removed from social sharing


  • Fixes a bug with an incorrect country code sent to Workshop Butler. As a result, the countries of attendees were not saved correctly


  • Fixes an incorrect array initialisation for PHP version < 5


  • Fixes a bug preventing attendee registration when billing and/or work addresses are set as required


  • Rendering of custom fields was fixed. Before labels for custom fields were not shown


This release radically improves the usability of all themes for mobile devices and adds support for Trainers' column in the Schedule.


  • New column for a Schedule in a Table view - trainers


  • All themes support mobile screens. Now your workshops are more accessible than ever
  • The URLs for trainer's profile have a form id=[id]&name=[trainer name]

Changed / Removed

  • Columns in a Table view got new classes to support more flexible table configurations


  • Adds support for WordPress 5.0
  • Adds new shortcode [wsb_trainer_name]
  • Improves the behaviour for external event pages – the links open in new tabs.


  • Support for several languages out of the box
  • Several new widgets: registration page, configurable sidebar widget, list of endorsements
  • Various options to configure the look of each widget
  • Support for several event schedules


Initial release of the plugin

  • Support for custom styles and themes
  • Support for editable page templates
  • Works with five default themes
  • Basic configuration options