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Event Template shortcodes

The following shortcodes are available in the event page template.


A proposed structure for the shortcodes:



Renders a title of the event


Shows an event's cover image


  • type, enum { thumbnail, full }. If thumbnail, the thumbnail is show. If full, an original cover image is shown. Default - full.
  • width, int. The width of the image. Default - 300.
  • height, int. The height of the image. Default - 200.
  • class, optional string. If set, the class attribute is added to the image.


Renders a registration button for the event. When a visitor clicks on the button, either a registration form is opened or he is transferred to another page. The behaviour depends on the event and plugin configuration.

When the registrations are closed (no valid tickets or all of them are sold out), the button is inactive with an appropriate message.


  • target, string. Defines where a registration form opens (new tab, new window, etc.). Possible values are the same as for target attribute for HTML link <a>. By default, set to _self. Works only for internal registration forms.


Renders a start and end dates/times of the event


Renders a location of the event. It usually shows a city and country except the case when the event is online.


Renders all types of tickets, either valid or not


  • show_expired_tickets, boolean. If true, all ticket types are shown, including the one which are sold out or ended. Default is true.
  • show_number_of_tickets, boolean. If true, the number of tickets left is shown. Default is true.


Renders other upcoming events for this account

Renders a block with social sharing (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, G+)


Renders an event's description


Renders trainers who run the event