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Import of Attendees

August is a quiet season for a training business in many parts of the world. While some trainers and facilitators enjoy a warm sun and perfect time with their loved ones, it’s a great moment for us to concentrate on making the product better. There are many ways workshops are run and promoted. Sometimes it is entirely up to you to market a workshop and deal with registrations. Workshop Butler helps a lot here by providing fully-customisable registration forms in five languages and automating the dispatch of messages to participants.

Dealing with uncertainty

Uncertainty… Such a sweet word these days. It’s everywhere. The world is uncertain whether we can prevent global warming. Companies are unsure if they can survive in a speeding interconnected world with highly demanding customers. Your cat is confused why you didn’t feed him in time and where your slippers are to restore the justice. These are all big scale uncertainties. Today I want to talk about an uncertainty on a personal level.

New in Workshop Butler, July 2017

This summer is especially bad in St Petersburg. Constant rains, cool temperatures at nights and rarely visible sun don’t mix well with sunglasses and cocktails on a beach. At the weather like this, we prefer to stay at home, sip coffee and do some work. No surprise, Workshop Butler got a bunch of new stuff. Support for different languages Trainers use our platform to manage workshops all over the world.

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