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General Configuration

There are two types of configs: general configuration and widget configuration. The general configuration is the same for all widgets on one page. It is passed as the first parameter to WorkshopButlerWidgets.launch function

const sidebar = 
     type: 'SidebarEventList',
     hideIfEmpty: true,
     target: '#upcoming-events-nearby',
     eventPageUrl: '/event-page.html',
     length: 5,
     country: 'detect'

const widgetOptions = [sidebar];
const generalOptions = {
  apiKey: apiKey,
  locale: 'en-us'

WorkshopButlerWidgets.launch(generalOptions, widgetOptions);

Configuration Options

Name Type Default Description
apiKey string API key
locale string en-gb Locale. Read more below


Locale determines what language to use for rendering content and how numbers, dates and prices must be formatted.

The first part of the locale defines what language to use for content. Right now there are six languages supported by JS widgets: English (en), German (de), Portuguese (pt), Spanish (es), French (fr), and Dutch (nl). If you set a language, which is not supported, for example Russian (ru), English is used as a default one.


If you need to add a support for another language, add a new locale and create a PR:

The locale itself defines how numbers and dates are formatted. In the US (en-us), the formatting is different to Britain (en-gb). You can find the list of locales here. It is important to notice that we do not guarantee all locales from the list work correctly. Try it yourself!


Right now we use full locales (en-gb) only for formatting numbers, dates and prices. There is only one translation per language (en). For example, there is no difference between British and American English.

If you want to add a support for a particular version of language, add a new locale and create a PR: