List of Trainers

This widget renders the list of trainers from your account.

Configuration options

Name Type Default Description
type string Must be TrainerList for this widget
target string ID of an HTML element where the widget's content is placed. Should have a leading # symbol
trainerPageUrl string A path to a page with a configured TrainerProfile widget. This path is used to make an URL to the profile page. For example, with trainerPageUrl='/trainer-page.html', an URL for the trainer with id=1 will be /trainer-page.html?id=1
filters array of strings Contains the names of filters which should be added to the list of trainers. Supported filters are:
  • location. Trainers are filtered by country
  • language. Trainers are filtered by the language they speak
  • trainer. Trainers are filtered by name.
  • badge. Trainers are filtered by the badges they own
  • rating. Trainers are filters by their rating for public events

The order of filters is important. If you want to see a filter by trainers first, by location - second, and by language - third, then the configuration should be ['trainer', 'location', 'language'].
badge boolean If filter badge is active, badges are visible. Otherwise they are not. When true, badges are shown for each trainer
rating boolean If filter rating is active, ratings are visible. Otherwise they are not When true, rating for public events are shown for each trainer, except when the rating is equal zero
template optional string ID of an HTML element containing a Nunjucks template for a trainer in the list. Must have a leading # symbol.
templateUrl optional string URL to a file containing a Nunjucks template for a trainer in the list. Use it during the development only as it significantly reduces the speed of content rendering.
theme optional string Name of the theme. Five themes are supported out of the box: alfred, dacota, britton, hayes, and gatsby. Provide a name of your own theme if you created a custom one.


const trainers = 
       type: 'TrainerList',
       target: '#wsb-trainer-list',
       trainerPageUrl: '/trainer-details.html',
       filters: ['location', 'trainer', 'language'],
       theme: 'alfred'

const widgets = [trainers];
const config = {
  apiKey: apiKey,
  locale: 'en-us'

WorkshopButlerWidgets.launch(config, widgets);