• Fixes the representation of bold text in event and trainer descriptions


  • Adds eventTypeId and trainerId parameters to Schedule. If set, events in the schedule are filtered by these parameters.
  • Adds support for cover images in Schedule and EventPage. If a workshop contains a cover image, then you can retrieve it and its thumbnail by event.coverImage.url and event.coverImage.thumbnail in the templates.


  • Adds future parameter to Schedule. Default is true
  • Adds length parameter to Schedule. Default is none
  • Changes the sorting order of workshops for Schedule and SidebarEventList. When future=false, the events are shown in the reverse order, from the latest to the oldest.


Adds a new Category filter to Schedule


SEO-related release


Adds support for URL pattern of event pages. Now you can use strings like id={{id}}&title={{title}}&dates={{dates}} to customise the URLs of event pages. Use eventPagePattern parameter on Schedule and SidebarEventList widgets


  • Rendering of custom fields was fixed. Before labels for custom fields were not shown
  • Rendering of custom page templates was fixed. They could produce errors in some cases.


  • Functions _t, _f and widget config are available in user's templates
  • Default translations can be modified with user dictionaries
  • Location filter in the list of trainers filters trainers by countries they work at, not the countries they live


Fixes several serious flaws with mobile templates which did not work correctly in many cases.


This release radically improves the usability of all themes for mobiles and adds several useful features.


  • New column for a Schedule widget in a Table view - trainers
  • You can change the order of columns and hide columns in a Table view of the workshop schedule via parameters


  • All themes support mobile screens. Now your workshops are more accessible than ever
  • The URLs for trainer's profile have a form id=[id]&name=[trainer name]

Changed / Removed

  • We removed the header for a Table view of the workshop schedule. In this version, it is simply hidden via styles. You can show it back without changing the layout.
  • Columns in a Table view got new classes to support more flexible table configurations


  • Fixes a Trainer filter in the schedule of events
  • Improves the styles and layout of the schedule of events a bit


This version represents the next generation of Workshop Butler widgets for website integration. It comes with:

  • Support of six languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and French
  • Support of locales. For example, 'en-us' and 'en-gb'
  • Much improved five themes
  • Separate registration form to workshops
  • List of testimonials for trainers
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Integration Kit for a simple configuration


  • Fixes a bug when a event's timezone is shown even if it does not exist


Support for times and timezones in events


Related API update: 2018-06-28

  • Adds support for start and end times of events, of events' timezones
  • Removes formatDate function
  • Moves different attributes for Event to schedule and location attributes
  • Adds format method for Schedule to render dates, times and timezones correctly


  • Adds detailed statistics for trainers. See Statistics.votes attribute for more information
  • Adds getFullName function to Trainer
  • Fixes the support for a separate registration form


  • Changes the logic to remove the dependence on the theme's classes
  • Renames EventList widget to Schedule, TrainerPage to TrainerProfile
  • Ups the theme version to 0.5.1


First public release