2021 was another year of telecommuting, Zoom calls, and constant searches for productivity while working from home. But in this new reality, one thing remains constant —  Workshop Butler’s determination to make the event management more efficient, no matter where it takes place, online or onsite.

All this year we have been working on making the service better and more valuable for you. And now it’s time to see how Workshop Butler has changed over the past 365 days.

More custom

Create custom questionnaires, automate the process, and enjoy positive reviews on social media — feedback gathering process in WSB rose to the next level in 2021.

Evaluation forms became fully customizable, with the form builder made just for trainers’ needs.

It became possible to approve evaluations automatically, without involving a trainer in the process at all. Attendees receive their certificates with personalized letters as soon as they submit an evaluation.

As a cherry on top, attendees can now share positive reviews on social media. It’s a great way for an attendee to boast about their achievements and for a trainer to subtly promote themselves without any additional efforts or expenses.

More detailed

Configuring tickets, accepting payments, storing information — Workshop Butler now handles every financial matter better than before.

Ticket prices became more transparent with the sales tax support and EU VAT exemption activated whenever needed.

Accepting payments became easier with a wider choice of payment options: they now include PayPal as well.

Analyzing financial data became more convenient with detailed breakdown about each payment: total amount paid for a ticket, sales tax, and fees are shown separately in the attendee profile.

More flexible

What if a trainer hasn’t renewed a license right away? What if a pause between active licenses was too long? What if a trainer holds several licenses of one brand? License management for certification brands is now suitable for a wider range of cases.

Brand coordinators can set a renewal period for licenses to be sure licensed trainers don’t miss anything important. If a trainer hasn’t prolonged a license within this period, they have to contact a coordinator for prolongation.

With subscription periods, only periods of time when the license was active will be included in the trainer’s total experience and shown on websites.

And finally, we are in the middle of implementing a feature that will allow brand coordinators to manage several licenses on a trainer profile. It will be completed at the beginning of the next year, but parts of it are already available: all licenses-related information has been moved to one tab, with the possibility to add a license agreement and a renewal period for each type.

More convenient

Multi-session support, calendar invitations, event duration on certificates — this year’s small features bring a big impact on attendees' experience.

Start and end dates and time for each session in multi-session events allows attendees to schedule their time better.

Calendar invitations in welcome emails is a guarantee that no one forgets about an event they registered to.

Event duration in hours (PDU) on certificates is a useful parameter for those who need to prove the time they invested in learning.

More user-friendly

Faster access to information and better structure — we dedicated a lot of our efforts to make WSB even more comprehensible than before.

Attendee page is shining with a new design: statuses, contact and payment information are in plain sight and can be managed easily.

New dashboard for certification brands presents concise information about invoices and expiring licenses.

Unpaid Invoices widget helps trainers to pay licensed event fees on time. And now they can do it right from WSB, with just a click of a button.

More informative

Bringing value not only on the technical level, but on the informational one as well — that was another goal we’ve been working hard towards.

Training Business Anatomy podcast takes on the challenges common for the training industry and shows how successful companies deal with them.

Guide to workshop pricing made in collaboration with experienced trainers addresses the ever-important problem of the right pricing and gives practical recommendations on how to find it.

2021 changes have different origins: some of them were planned long ago, some of them came to us spontaneously, and some of them were born from communication with our customers.

But all of them were aimed at making Workshop Butler a versatile service that allows you to handle event management tasks without need to turn to any other tool.

And we know that the new year won’t be any different in this regard — we will grab every opportunity to make WSB better than before and provide superb experience for training professionals at every step of the way.