Webinar: 10 Tips On Reducing Operational Costs For Training Companies

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Speaker: Sergey Kotlov
Workshop Butler CEO, Training industry expert

Workshop Butler Sergey Kotlov speaker

Online 27 May 2021, 18:00 — 19:00 (CEST) · In English

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The free webinar is an excellent opportunity for:
  • Owners and managers of training companies;
  • Individual trainers with 10+ training per month;
  • Everyone responsible for educational event management.


Far too many training companies continue to ignore digital tools and dedicated software on a daily basis. Not only are they wasting time on tasks which can be automated, they are also missing countless opportunities to grow their business with the resources they already have.

In this exclusive webinar, Sergey will take a look at typical training management processes, before explaining exactly what needs to be done to reduce the time spent on tedious tasks, enabling a dramatic improvement in performance.

About the Speaker

Sergey Kotlov
Workshop Butler CEO, Training Industry Expert
  • Creator and lead developer of the Workshop Butler training management system;
  • Prior to founding WSB Sergey held senior positions in Happy Melly and Management 3.0 working with leading experts in the field;
  • Sergey has been working in the training industry for 5 years, initially creating his own startup where he and his team have helped over 20 European companies streamline their business processes.

About Workshop Butler

WSB - is a complete and comprehensive training management system specially designed to help you operate your training business with minimum effort.

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