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Do not waste your time on routine work — use Workshop Butler

Automate your work

Workshop Butler automates various workflows, for example, a license renewal process. With a growing number of trainers, you become lost tracking their licenses. This leads to a loss of time and money. Our platform prevents this from happening by nurturing trainers to renew in advance and offboarding the ones who decided to cancel.

Save Hours

You delegate workshop management to trainers. When a trainer adds a workshop, it appears automatically on your brand website or disappears if the trainer cancels it. The same is true for their profiles. Trainers are in full control of them, and you literally waste no time on updating them.

Earn More

Workshop Butler calculates royalty fees for each licensed workshop, no matter how complex your pricing model is, and informs what invoices to send and to whom. You can be sure that every euro is collected.

Do you still have concerns? Try it for free or calculate the cost according to your needs.

Management 3.0
Agile People
Lean Change Management
European Scrum
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Collaboration Superpowers

Management 3.0 used Workshop Butler to grow four times
in four years and keep its team small

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Fantastic website integrations

Our website integration keeps your website in sync with Workshop Butler. Visitors can easily find the workshop they need using various filters, and register to it without leaving a page. Information about workshop, tickets, trainers and their ratings — it is all included.

Our clients love us. So will you

Workshop Butler is a fantastic workshop and events tool that we cannot live without at Happy Melly and the Management 3.0 website. I suggest that every trainer and training company gives it a try.
Jurgen Appelo
Jurgen Appelo
Founder at Agility Scales, Management 3.0
Workshop Butler is a platform where everything related to our workshops is connected, and visible. The biggest benefit is that we have one system that stores all information regarding the workshops. For example, we always have a real-time overview of facilitators and are able to see who renewed their subscriptions. Without it, it would not be possible to grow our brand as we currently do. To keep track of all this data manually, with for example Google Sheets, we would go crazy!
Ralph van Roosmalen
Ralph van Roosmalen
CEO at Management 3.0
The thing that was the most beneficial with Workshop Butler is “set it and forget it” aspect for me as a brand owner. I never have to worry about or think about it. I have 45 facilitators now and the whole site, their profiles, all that stuff… it is not even a thought in my head that I have to go and see if they’ve done this or that.
Jason Little
Jason Little
Founder at Lean Change Management
Our success is in direct partnership with Workshop Butler. We grow fast because of the help of Workshop Butler. It is very highly recommended. Good job, guys!
David Marti
David Marti
Founder at European Scrum
I don't keep anything about my participants outside Workshop Butler. It's always there. There is no reason for me to have a list sitting somewhere else. It's the only place where I go as I know, "The correct information is here."
Pia-Maria Thorén
Pia-Maria Thorén
Founder at Agile People
As a global, fast growing movement we’re looking for a platform that could be easily setup and that grows with our needs. WorkshopButler is awesome for our trainers, our community and our customers!
Mirko Kleiner
Mirko Kleiner
Founder at lean-agile procurement