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Workshop Butler ist ein Managementsystem für Schulungsveranstaltungen, das unsere Kunden beim Wachstum und der Entwicklung ihrer Geschäftstätigkeit unterstützt. Wir betrachten die Anwender von WSB als unsere Partner und ermutigen sie, sich an der Entwicklung des Systems zu beteiligen, ihre Probleme gemeinschaftlich zu lösen und sich – wie in einer echten Partnerschaft – gegenseitig bei der Weiterentwicklung zu helfen.

Die WSB-Community umfasst mehr als 2000 Schulungsleiter aus Dutzenden von Unternehmen. Hören Sie sich an, was sie zu sagen haben!
Workshop Butler Treffen Sie unsere Partner
Management 3.0
Agile People
Lean Change Management
European Scrum
lean-agile procurement
Collaboration Superpowers
Lili David Co-developer of Sociocracy 3.0
Lili David
Co-developer of Sociocracy 3.0

With the help of WSB, we are now presenting our offer of courses in 3 different websites, without any extra admin work

We need more alternatives to products that are monopolizing the industry and charge high fees. Supporting an European-based small start-up spreading its wings is meaningful to me.

One of the things I appreciate most is that I can always count on a quick reply from the WSB team. Their readiness to integrate feedback, to consider and respond to our needs is priceless.

who is offering courses needs an easy system to manage participants, from registration to evaluation, and this is exactly what WSB is for. With the help of WSB, we are now presenting our offer of courses in 3 different websites, without any extra admin work. We can track registrations, receive payments and communicate with participants in one place.


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Schließen Sie sich den mehr als 2000 Schulungsleitern an, die WSB bereits nutzen, um ihre täglichen Arbeitsabläufe zu optimieren

Cherlotte Van Rompaey The Campus
Cherlotte Van Rompaey
The Campus

WSB frees up a lot of my time and it’s very handy and user-friendly as well

Workshop Butler actually helped us a lot, because we used to do everything manually. Things like sending emails and reminders to our attendees etc. We had to create and send our own evaluation forms for a long time before we came across this platform on Google.

Using WSB freed up a lot of my time: emails are automated, evaluation forms are integrated and even the certificates - it’s very handy for us. I would give WSB a solid 8 out of 10, because it’s very easy to navigate and use. Even though it has some little flaws, I can count on an immediate response from the support service, which is very nice.

The best thing about WSB is that I can create an event and all communications are already set up, so I don’t have to look at it anymore. People enroll for the training and they receive everything they need. I would definitely recommend it for organizations that organize workshops like we do.

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